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Anyone can use Spark Sport regardless of who their Internet Service Provider (ISP) is; simply sign up to Spark Sport online.

Your streaming experience might be affected if lots of devices in your house or lots of people in your neighbourhood are also using the internet.
It’s a bit like the motorway – the more people using it, the slower things go. Generally, the faster your connection, the better experience you’re likely to have.

How fast will my broadband need to be?
If you want to watch in High Definition (HD) on a big screen without any issues, you’ll need a connection with download speeds of at least 10Mbps. If you’re happy to watch in Standard Definition (SD) or on a small screen, like a mobile device, download speeds of 4Mbps or more should do the trick.

To check your connection speed, it’s worth doing a test on the device you’re planning on streaming the matches from, between peak times of 5pm–9pm.

Go to speed test and see how fast you go.

What happens if my connection isn’t fast enough?

If your connection isn’t fast enough, you may experience issues loading the matches. This includes your stream buffering, freezing or lagging while watching.

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